Thursday 12 September 2019


Me with my ghost whispering pal Kati Ackermann

Sunday, September 15th
East End Vancouver/Strathcona Ghost Walk 
Departs: 696 East Hastings (at Heatley) at 10am. 
Duration: 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the size of the group.
Cost: $30 per person

Are you a fan of the show “Ghost Whisperer” or have an interest in spirits or exploring the world of the paranormal? Then this History Walk of Vancouver’s oldest and perhaps most haunted neighbourhood is perfect for you!

In 2018, Vancouver paranormal investigator and ghost whisperer Kati Ackermann (see bio below) came on a number of my History Walks and very kindly shared with me and my walk participants about the various spirits who communicated with her during the tour. Apparently, many of the houses we pass on my walks are still haunted by their former residents and many of these seemed quite interested in our tour. There were even ghosts who followed us for parts of the walk. 

So I decided it would be neat if Kati and I teamed up and offered a different type of History Walk, one with a Supernatural twist. I look after the history aspect of the tour and Kati looks after the paranormal aspects of the neighbourhood. 

So come with us this Sunday and explore Strathcona, Vancouver’s old East End, on a very different “paranormal-focussed” History Walk. Let’s see which houses, old churches and other buildings along the way are haunted.

The route we will take through Strathcona is by far the most popular of my History Walks. It is no wonder... The East End is Vancouver's oldest and most fascinating neighbourhood. The humble East End was the first Vancouver home to thousands of people fresh off the boat or train arriving from all over the world. Street by street, block by block, the East End developed ethnic enclaves. This neighbourhood boasted the first Synagogue and first Jewish neighbourhood, Vancouver's first Little Italy, Japantown, and Vancouver's only Black identified neighbourhood, Hogan's Alley. 

Some blocks were dominated by Scandinavians, others by Yugoslavs, Russians and Ukrainians. Over the years the East End became Chinatown's residential district, home to renowned authors Wayson Choy (The Jade Peony/Paper Shadows) and Paul Yee (Salt Water City/Ghost Train). 

Home to three historic red light districts, an unsettling mix of non-British, mostly working class immigrants, three of Vancouver's four Depression era hobo camps, innumerable bootleg joints, even gangs, Vancouver's East End was often viewed by outsiders as an unsavoury, even dangerous place where "those people" lived. So what type of ghosts haunt this neighbourhood? Come walk with us on Sunday and find out.


E-mail: to reserve your space.  

Parking: There is plenty of free parking along Heatley Avenue, Hastings Street, and Keefer Street further South.

Kati's Bio: 

Paranormal investigator Kati Ackermann was born in St. Paul's Hospital (West End), raised in Richmond (1960's-1970's), and has lived in the Vancouver area all her life. She is the founder of Vancouver Spooks Paranormal Investigations - VSPI), a sensitive (walks with the dead), performs house/people cleansings and has an Associate's Certificate in Leadership Coaching. She is an amateur historical researcher and genealogist, writer, and taphophile (look it up) who loves licorice ice cream. For more info, contact her directly at:

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